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Math (Geometry): Solid angle (the three dimensional equivalent of an angle) is often measured in this dimensionless unit, roughly equal to 3282.8 square degrees
Math (Calculus) This theorem states that if g(x)< = f(x)< = h(x) and g(a)=h(a) for some a, then g(a)=f(a)=h(a)
Math (Linear algebra): A matrix in which the leading coefficient of a nonzero row is 1 and always strictly to the right of the leading coefficient of the row above it
Math (Complex analysis): The formula e^(i * x) = cos (x) + i * sin (x) is named for this mathematician
Math (History): This mathematician published more papers than any other in history. His collaborators are assigned a number bearing his name
Biology (Molecular): During a muscle contraction, filaments of actin and this other muscle protein slide past each other
Biology (Evolutionary): Niles Eldredge and Stephen Jay Gould proposed this theory which says that evolution occurs in rapid bursts followed by long periods with little change
Biology (Taxonomy): This order of marine mammals contains whales and dolpins
Biology (Epidemiology): These four postulates establish the cause of a disease. They are named for their german developer
Biology (Anatomy): These regions of the pancrease produce hormones
Chemistry (General): In this type of reaction, one functional group is replaced by another
Chemistry (Organic): This functional group consists of an unsaturated chemical compound containing at least one carbon-to-carbon double bond.
Chemistry (Inorganic): This explosive process is used to purify uranium halides
Chemistry (Fluid dynamics): This dimensionless number gives the ratio of inertial forces to viscous forces. Different values characterize laminar or turbulent flow
Chemistry (Physical): These intermolecular forces affect nonpolar molecules. Along with polarization and electrostatic forces, they make up the van der Waals force
Physics (Classical mechanics): The change in the orientation of the rotation axis of a rotating body; Mercury's is 5600 arc seconds per century, which was evidence for relativity
Physics (Nuclear): A form of radiation consisting of two protons and two neutrons
Physics (Electromagnetism): These four equations completely characterize the behavior of electromagentism
Physics (Astronomy): The closest galaxy to the Milky way
Physics (Quantum): This equation, which forms the basis of basis of quantum mechanics, states that E * Ψ = H * Ψ
Computer Science (Graph theory): Bellman-Ford, A*, Floyd-Warshall, Dijkstra's, and Johnson's are all algorithms for finding this
Computer Science (Computing theory): This statement says that any effectively calculable function can be modeled by a namesake mathematical 'machine'
Computer Science (Computer architecture): This low-latency memory is often used for short-term data and instruction storage
Computer Science (Computer security): Under this kind of security policy, users and programs are given access only to resources which they need to access
Computer Science (History): This language, developed by John Backus, was the first high-level programming language

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