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You Eeeeediot!A chihuahua
Oh Joy!A cat
No sir, I don't like itA horse
Lousy BumA mudskipper who is also the star to a popular television show within the show.
-A demented old man
Save My ____An Obese woman
Don't make me cryA stereotypical Scotsman whom beats his dog
Lintloaf, I HATE LINTLOAF!An elf that lives inside of Stimpy's Belly-button and when fed Lintloaf, he turns into Contorno
I've Had it up to here with you people!...Oh, Sorry I thought you were circus midgetsA Fire Chief who hates circus midgets
 A hardcore Patriot who is so conservative he thinks republicans are communists and is usually seen biting his lip
-Preaches about meat and has the words PITY and SELF PITY tattooed on his knuckles
You like____? I LOVE ____!An old, naked creeper who is malnourished
-Does pretty much every job that doesn't have a specific person to do it(for example:salesman, Spokesman)
-Rides through the night on yaksmas eve riding a canoe
I Will get my reveeengeA villainous Waffle woman
Powdered Toast___!A Powdered toast Superhero

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