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Barbarian: Level 1 Fury Generator
Barbarian: Spinning Fury Spender
Barbarian: Chucking your arms
Barbarian: The last skill you get
Barbarian: AoE armor increase
Barbarian: Take less damage
Barbarian: Damage in a cone Fury Generator
Barbarian: Fury Spender - '____ of the ____'
Barbarian: 'Get over here!'
Barbarian: The amazing flying Barb!
DH: Back flipping Hatred Generator
DH: A skill used by Warden, and then Rogues
DH: Peck their eyes out with your '____ cube' (now you are thinking with protals)
DH: Hatred spender that lets you move while doing damage
DH: Restore ALL the discipline!
DH: Lets you disappear!
DH: Increases attack speed 8 seconds
DH: Hatred spender that defies physics
DH: Nah, not crossbows.. I throw swords!
DH: It's a trap!
Monk: Volibear ultimate... but with FISTS!
Monk: AoE group buffs
Monk: Spirit Spender that heals
Monk: PUDDIN' POP (dota 2...) Allows you to zoom!
Monk: Does the most damage
Monk: Lets you E. Honda people
Monk: Bubble hearth LOL
Monk: Makes your enemies miss and not attack
Monk: Just Walk(er, Texas Ranger)ing all over people's faces
Witch: Jars of arachnids!
Witch: 'Need a light?'
Witch: Shadow Hunter ultimate (WC3)
Witch: Makes your enemies both Herp & Derp
Witch: Loves chickens!
Witch: The only ability that uses the word 'Summon'
Witch: Useless, falling apart corpse
Witch: Explode all the dogs!
Witch: Moses used these to get back at the Pharoah
Witch: An attacking wall?
Wizard: Melt faces (Offensive)
Wizard: Melee wizard?!?
Wizard: Palpatine would be proud
Wizard: Antimage is jealous, and so is Furion
Wizard: Faceless Void is laughing mockingly
Wizard: How meta... Abilities with the name of the company that made the game!!
Wizard: 'Power Overwhelming, Destroy, Obliterate'
Wizard: Does physical damage
Wizard: Sierra Leone called, they want your skin back..
Wizard: Hercules will be after you once you summon this beast
Runestones: The white one
Runestones: The red one
Runestones: The yellow one
Runestones: The purple one
Runestones: The black one
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