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Question and numberOver or UnderActual Number
10 Members of the Inquisitorial Squad
1 squib
6 Privet drive number
10 golden snitch catches by Harry
25 Members of Dumbledore's Army
Severus Snape born in 1950 (O is after 1950 and U is before 1950)
6 Weasley children
7 Members of the slug club in the Half-blood Prince
300 points scored in the quidditch world cup final
5 Philosopher's Stone obstacles
Question and numberOver or UnderActual Number
15 Hogwarts classes
2 Quidditch cup wins for Harry Potter
20 Members of the order of the phoenix (post 1990)
30 Hospital wing patients
5 Hogwarts ghosts
10 Pro Quidditch teams in Britain and Ireland
9 OWLs for Harry
40 Death eaters
13 OWLs for Hermione
25 pro Quidditch league wins for Chudley Cannons

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