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Can you name the facts about Rebecca Black's Friday video??

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What day is Rebecca anticipating?
What company produced Friday?
How old is Rebecca Black?
What comedian put Friday on the viral map?
What show featured her first interview?
What time does Rebecca wake up?
What does she want for breakfast?
What does she rhyme with her breakfast?
Where does she go to wait?
Who takes her to school?
What dilemma does she face on the ride?
What are her friends doing in the front seat?
What is everybody looking forward to?
What weekend activity gets a 'Yeah' response?
What weekend activity is mentioned four times in a row?
What does Rebecca 'got' that you also 'got'?
What was yesterday?
What is today?
What is tomorrow?
What comes afterwards?
We so ___________?
What vehicle does the rapper encounter during his nightime drive?
Is this the worst video ever?

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