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Both Italians and Germans refer to this as the 'French disease.'
A healthy adult skeleton has how many bones?
How many facial muscles are used during french kissing?
If, in early Rome, a man found his wife drinking wine he was allowed to ___________?
This is the Earth's largest single organism.
Panama hats originated in this country.
This discoverer of Penicillin died of tuberculosis.
This is the Earth's tallest mountain.
What man-made artifacts may be seen from the moon (Luna).
What is Billy the Kid's real (or birth) name?
This bird gets it's coloring from the blue-green algae it eats.
The man who coined the phrase 'Survival of the fittest,' also invented the ________________?
This is the largest boulder on Earth.
The Canary Islands are named after what?
This is the worlds largest city in terms of land-mass.

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