US Presidents by Runners-Up

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Can you name the US Presidents by the runner up in the Electoral College ?

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John Quincy Adams (3rd Time)
John C. Fremont
Walter Mondale
George McClellan
Charles C. Pinckney (2nd Time)
Martin van Buren
Winfield Scott Hancock
Alton B. Parker
Richard Nixon
Al Gore
Winfield Scott
Benjamin Harrison
Adlai Stevenson
John Quincy Adams (2nd Time)
Gerald Ford
Herbert Hoover
Horace Greeley/Thomas A. Hendricks
Barry Goldwater
Thomas E. Dewey (2nd Time)
Samuel Tilden
Mitt Romney
Jimmy Carter
Aaron Burr
John C. Breckenridge
John Adams
Charles C. Pinckney (1st Time)
James G. Blaine
William Henry Harrison
Michael Dukakis
John McCain
George H. W. Bush
Thomas Jefferson
Wendell Willkie
Thomas E. Dewey (1st Time)
Horatio Seymour
Bob Dole
Rufus King
Charles Evans Hughes
William Jennings Bryan (1st & 2nd Times)
Alf Landon
James M. Cox
John Quincy Adams (1st Time)
Grover Cleveland
George McGovern
Henry Clay (1st Time)
Henry Clay (2nd Time)
Hubert Humphrey
Al Smith
DeWitt Clinton
Lewis Cass
William Jennings Bryan (3rd Time)
Theodore Roosevelt
John W. Davis
John Kerry

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