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Chapter titleMangaChapter number
The Visitor From Tibet
P and A
Maybe I Oughta Start Calling You Daichi huh?
Death & Strawberry
The 12 Future Diary Holders
England, 1013
The Black Light House
Birthday Sasuga Kei
Ritual Tools Temple
A Reaction Forbidden For Broadcast
511 Kinderheim
The New Jutsu's Secret
Gachinko Vivage Battle
Ready Set Hut
The Serpent That Devours Its Own Tail
Dung Beetle
Saint Ishiyama Academy
Rolling World
That Guy From Italy
Chapter titleMangaChapter number
Being a Zombie... Means... +La Morte Vivante+
Vivi's Adventure
Komatsu`s Kitchen Knife!
If You Pee at a Worm, It'll Grow!
That Butler, Death
Lead Color And Center Color
Not My Vitals!
Nyah Nyah Nyah Nyah Nyaaaahn
Won't You Battle for Customers?
007 / From Amamizukan with Love
I'm Your Little Sister Even if I'm a Demon
Strongest Legendary Lovelife
The Golden-haired Princess
Yotsuba and Jumbo
The One Million Drachma Repayment Plan

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