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Forced Order
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TitleMissing words/letters
_____ is Coming to Town
Excuse Me, _ __ _____
_________ Street
___ and GO!
Ren Ren __________♪
_______ and Sticks
Pechka (_____ My Heart)
Let's ___ Hot Water
WDC ~World _______~
Embrace the ___ ___ Moi
The Delicious ______ Song
Country from Where ___ ___ _____, Zipangu
TitleMissing words/letters
____ Gott
WA! Wa!! World ____
Marukaite _______
зима (______)
My Song That Is Written By Me, ___ __
_________ ________ British Gentleman
_____ Is Indeed Splendid
Hata Futte ______
Aiyaa Four ________ _____
Heaven And Hell __ _____
With Love From ______
Germany's Anthem (I Am _____-____)

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