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Ooh! Japan-san, you were safe!Japan
Ah, no… I was playing soccer with the kids and the ball hit Mr. Mulema’s house. Finland
I searched, but I didn't find anything.Sealand
Don't say such vulgar things!Germany
You've grown so big...I'm glad I told God I wanted to visit you...Himself
I'll need your co-operation on this. Though you might loathe to even hear of it...Austria
You! I have a mole on my chest. Is that it?Sealand
I'm not American so much!!Estonia
Actually, we get more (tourists) than Russia-san...I'M SORRY! WE DON'T GET ANY AT ALL!Russia
Like doing something with that tasteless uniform, for instance!America and England
Nothin'! Nothin'!Sealand
I-I'm Knut...Germany
It's the result of the investigation of my body I talked about the other day. Well, whatever.Denmark
...If...that day...comes...again...together...in the rye fields...America
I did not find such markings on myself either.Sealand
Hey you bastard! Don't you dare touch Japan-san!China
Ohh, GrüeziAustria
Ever since the '900s, I've always, always loved you.Chibitalia
Birthdays were fun when I was younger. But now, it's just like, 'Oh...it's here...'North Italy
What is that...buhyo...uhyoo...Cu...cu...cuute cuuuuuute!!Himself
Well whatever, right. The way you're dressed is still hilarious.China
QuoteCharacterSaid to
'nd, m'wife.Finland
What do you think I am?The readers
You should just thank me by making Kiev successful, okay?Russia
It's okey!! I'm American!!Himself
Ok ok...I, am, jolly happy .Mochi America
Ohmygod your face is so funny right now.Lithuania
I feel so much shorter when wearing helmets, so...Germany
Yeaaa-h... but somehow seeing his face makes me want to beat him up...Germany
Tashi delek. Are you related?China
Riiight! Drinks'll be on Ice until Ice says Onii-chan!Iceland
The product is nice, but the salesman is noisy...Denmark
Whaaat? Hey, if'n I lend it to yah, better make me prints of that, too, got it?Greece
Now that there's beer to drink, the situation isn't so bad...Japan
Uh, no. Whenever he sees me, he tries to attack me with his knees.France
Sooo, what's this cat saying?Holy Roman Empire
When I woke up this morning, it was already past noon!The G-8 members
Oi, Japan. There's something I need to tell you. Mind if I come i..Japan
Aah, that horny man is touching his chest! Austria-san's nipples are sacred things!Herself
'Am I Nekokichi-san?'Japan
Since it's almost America-san's birthday soon, why don't we buy something?Greece
But I'm totally different from you.Sealand
QuoteCharacterSaid to
Brooother...the damn door knob that dared separated us is no more...Russia
Don't continue giving out Salmiakki, though... Anyway, here's Letter #2.Finland
That bastard Nor doesn't even tell me I'm cute... I'll remember this!Himself
Uwahhhhh my rocket punch won't come back!Latvia
I did it! These amazing high-performance binoculars were made by me!Himself
And my hobby is partitioning Poland!Germany
Well then, do you want a kiss on the cheek?Romano
D-Don't rub me with a tomato...Spain
America, you ****! This has been a long time coming!Canada
99% of people go through their entire lives without even knowing about my existence!Sweden and Finland
Yea, they are...it's lively and warm...I want a sibling too...Lithuania and Estonia
These lands of Europe, they like fighting very much.Allied Forces
Ah, but I was more free there than with you...Sweden
I'm fighting for your sake!France
Hahahaha! Caught ya, sissy boy! Be not deceived, it's not his real standard of living!Switzerland and Austria
We spend our christmas with family!! I'll excuse myself for now!!Axis Powers
Gah! That hurts! Ouch! Ultimate pain!Sealand
I...If you wanted a friend that badly... How about...me...?America
I'm you daddy yeah. Hi my son!!Mochi America

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