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to have
to help
to drive
to deceive/fool
to burn
to know (a fact)
to know how/be able
to know (a person)
to watch/look
to notice
to write
to be quiet
to see
to hear
to return something/surrender
to spit
to search
to vomit
to go (on foot)
to work
to want
to sleep
to sell
to read
to like
to oversleep
to drink
to start
to find
to carry
to study
to speak
to eat
to observe
to be able
to fly
to trust
to substitute
to be
to laugh
to swim
to run
to kill
to listen
to make
to come (by vehicle)
to go (by transport)
to buy
to organize
to operate
to taste
to cook
to bring
to live
to sing
to go away (by foot)
to understand
to say
to come (by foot)
to run away

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