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First year student at a college or high school
Rate at which something occurs or repeats
Tornado survivors often say the storm sounds like a train that carries this
A light-brown spot on the skin, usually accompanied by many others
Not having any serious purpose or value
Being upset or annoyed by the inability to change or achieve something
Playful; kittenish
A plastic disk tossed from player to player in sport
To scare
Many cakes and pastries are topped off with this
Damage to body tissues from extreme cold
Region just beyond a settled territory
A male students' society at a college or university
An edible, seed-bearing product from a plant that is often sweet and juicy
Fruit sugar
A leaping, tailless amphibian
Never forsake your God-given...
Unhappy facial expression
Day of the week
Easily breakable
Member of an international society of fellowship that holds elaborate secret ceremonies
A battered, filled and fried food. A kind of apple doughnut is a popular one of these
Action of one object rubbing against another
One part of a numerical quantity
A hazelnut liqueur produced in Canale, Italy
A pleasant scent or perfume
A citrus soda from Coca-Cola that is sweetened by aspartame
A person whom one knows, likes, and trusts
A bordering structure that surrounds something such as a door or a photograph
Something that is hardened due to low temperature is this
Many Christian churches love hosting parties where they do this to fish
A bizarre person; a '90s cartoon on the WB
State or period of uncontrolled excitement or wild behavior; a riot
100-dollar bill face or a cartoon turtle
A painting done rapidly on wet wall or ceiling
European nation

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