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A flat fish; a friend of Ariel's
A powder of ground grain
A fish will do this out of water, a Magikarp will do this in battle
The seed-bearing part of a plant
Light snow
You're a high flying...
Something to hold your liquor in
Way to the sky
A poison that is also used to clean teeth
Something vulnerable to heat or fire is this
Atomic number 9
To behave as attracted to someone without serious intentions
An imperfection
U.S. state
The coat of a sheep or similar animal
A small jumping insect that feeds on mammal blood
Not sturdy
A baked pastry in Britain and a custard dessert in Spanish-speaking countries can both be called this in the USA
Style of Spanish music
Many of these read 'LOST DOG'
City in Italy; Carol Brady
Greatly surprised; astonished
Like sandals, but noisier
A computer disk well on its way to being obsolete
You may hold one of these under your face when telling scary stories
A tall, pink bird
Corn cereal, fish food, and dandruff often come in this form
Action performed in playing paper football
An overflow of water beyond its normal confines
A person's face, a toilet, and a hand of cards can all do this
Gets in between your teeth
Quality of food or drink perceived by taste
A pancake
A glimpse of the past
Root beer + ice cream =
A wind instrument

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