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Can you name the popular memes on the Internet?

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Meme DescriptionMemeQuote from Meme
Classic Cheatup, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A
Tricky url to 1987 videoNever gonna give you up
SSB Move of F-Zero CaptainPawnch!
Hand to forehead(equivelant to saying 'idiot!')
Totally dominatedYou were _____
Suicidal battle cryAt least I have chicken
Childish Argument Trump*points and yells* _______
Admiral Ackbar's warningAdmiral, we have enemy ships in sector 47
Meme DescriptionMemeQuote from Meme
Explosive soda reaction_____ Geyser
Grooving felinePlay him off
Sakuracon musical mentionI love Japan, period.
Bunny Ears and Hip SwayingU-U-U-Aua (or alternatively) Oo-Oo-Oa-Oa-a
Dancing bananaNow where he at? Where he at?
XKCD frees you from itI lost ________
Roar for moreGimme ______

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