Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker by Numbers

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Can you name the numbers associated with Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker?

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The number of...Number
Days Link was originally supposed to wear his 'Hero's Clothes'
Floors, in total, of the Savage Labyrinth
Individual Blue ChuChus infesting Hyrule
Phases of the Moon
Rupees the Biggest Wallet can carry
Different Tile Puzzles Link may enjoy at his Cabana
Shards of the Triforce buried below the sea
Joy Pendants a Cabana Deed is worth, apparently
Knight's Crests required to learn Orca's 'Hurricane Spin'
Bombs a fully upgraded Bomb Bag can carry
The number of...Number
Barrel Targets in the Target Shooting minigame (not 'Battleship')
Rupees Tingle will charge to Translate a Triforce Chart
Islands (or archipelagos) in Hyrule
Pearls needed to raise the Tower of the Gods
Notes in the Ballad of Gales
Magical Attachments the Queen Fairy blesses Link's arrows with
Rupees a Silver Rupee equates to
ChuChu Jellies needed to brew a potion
Notes in the Wind God's Aria
Eyes a Big Octo might have, if it's hiding a Heart Piece

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