The Legend of Zelda by Supporting Cast

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Can you name the Legend of Zelda installment by its discouragingly obscure secondary characters?

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Supporting CastGame
Crazy Tracy, Martha, Manbo
Falbi, Madame Fanadi, Queen Rutela
The Foreman, Pippin, The Cap'n
Old Woman, Patra, 'Gannon'
Rosa, Mayor Ruul, Unlucky Sailor
Zauz, Astrid, Ciela
Captain Viscen, ???, Kamaro
Supporting CastGame
Bagu, Prince of Hyrule, Error
Ichiro, Bonooru, Cojiro
Zill, Sturgeon, Laruto
Anjean, Ferrus, Rabbitland Rescue Man
Kiki, Syrup, Chris Houlihan
Eenie & Meenie, Festari, Gina

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