Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages by Numbers

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Can you name the numbers associated with The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages?

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The Number Of...Number
Rupees Link can hold at any one time
Know-It-All Birds in Lynna City
Tunes Link can learn to play on the Harp of Ages
Enemies Link must down to be awarded the Slayer's Ring
Rings Link must have appraised to earn the 100th Ring
Rupees a Giant Blue Rupee is valued at
Years Adlar was adviser to Queen Ambi
Heart Pieces to find in Labrynna
Years in the past Link must time travel to save Labrynna
Rupees a Heart Piece runs in Lynna village
The Number Of...Number
Essences of Time required to save Queen Ambi
Magic Rings Link can acquire by accomplishing tasks in Labrynna
Slates needed to clear the Ancient Tomb
Graceful Gorons Link can hope to meet in his adventure
Rupees Vasu will charge Link for his very first appraisal
Ember Seeds Link initially finds in his Seed Satchel
Enemies to defeat to summon Maple, with the Maple Ring
Parts of Eyesoar (Patra)
Seed-bearing trees in Labrynna, Past and Present
Rings a Level-1 Ring Box will hold

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