The Legend of Zelda (game) by Numbers

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Can you name the numbers associated with The Legend of Zelda (NES, 1987, first adventure)?

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The number of...Number
Rupees the Old Man charges Link to fix his door
Heart Containers Link must have to claim the Magic Sword
Rupees Link can carry (maximum)
Rupees a Blue Potion runs
Passive (not selectable) items Link can acquire
Defense Rings Link can find in Hyrule
Hearts Link loses when touched by a Bubble (enemy)
Gohma's eyes
'__th Enemy Has the Bomb'
Rupees a Blue Candle will set you back
The number of...Number
Dead Hylians, apparently (Gravestones)
Rupees Link might win in Money Making Game
'It's a Secret to Everybody...'
Heart Containers Link maxes out at
Manhandla's ... um... handlas?
Labyrinths Link must traverse to save Zelda
Triforce Pieces scattered throughout Hyrule
Rupees a Blue Rupee is equivalent to
Swords Link can wield during his adventure
Potion Shops scattered around Hyrule

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