Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask by Numbers

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Can you name the numbers associated with Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask?

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The number of...Number
Rupees it costs to sharpen Link's sword
Indigo-Go musicians
Notes in the New Wave Bossa Nova
'Dawn of the First Day: __ Hours Remain'
Different possible Bombers' Password combinations
Stray Fairies trapped in each Dungeon
Giants needed to catch the Moon
Masks Link can wear
Bottles Link can accumulate in his adventure
Entries the Bomber's Notebook will allow
The number of...Number
Cabins in the Mountain Village
Bombs the Biggest Bomb Bag can hold
Owl Statues in Termina
Rupees earned for shooting down Takkuri, the strange bird-thief
Gold Skulltula Spirits in the Fearful Spider House
Form-changing Masks Link must use to save Termina (required)
Pairs of twins in Gorman's travelling troupe
Heart Pieces Link can find
Different rooms in Sakon's Hideout
Years Tingle has been waiting for a Fairy, apparently

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