Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past by Numbers

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Can you name the numbers associated with The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past?

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The Number Of...Number
Total digits a Wallmaster possesses
Canes Link can use in his adventures
Eyes Arrghus glares at Link with
Warps to the Dark World scattered across Hyrule
Silver Arrows Ganon can withstand without dying, apparently
Bombs Link initially finds in his Bomb Bag
Maidens trapped in crystals by Agahnim
Fairy Fountains hidden in Hyrule
Rupees Link can possibly carry
Arrows a fully-upgraded Quiver can hold
The Number Of...Number
Blue Rupees making Chris Houlihan's life savings, apparently
Rupees a red rupee is valued at
Heart Pieces scattered around Hyrule
Dungeon Bosses Link must defeat to restore Hyrule (not Ganon)
Visible roots on a Hylian tree
Rupees an empty bottle will set you back in Kakariko Village
Rupees the Great Fairy will charge you to upgrade your Shield
Different swords Link can equip during his adventures
Armos Knights to defeat to earn the Pendant of Courage
Rupees the Zora Flippers cost

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