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Can you name the alliterative video game franchise titles?

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AADefense Attorney in Japanese Court; 'OBJECTION!'
BBBub and Bob in a Puzzle Platformer
CCHarvest ore and gems to fund Real-Time Strategy wars
DDBilly and Jimmy Lee in a 2-player Beat 'Em Up
EEHeroes and Morale improve your historical Real-Time Strategy civilization
FFSciFi/Fantasy turn-based Role Playing Game; Random encounters
GGLead Arthur through undead Platformer levels
MMTake down Dr. Wily's robots with help from Dr. Light and Rush
NND&D rules Third-Person Role Playing Game
PP3D Puzzle Platformer starring Middle-Eastern Royalty
RRAll-Female Professional Wrestling
SSPredominantly Scrolling Space Shooters utilizing themed Power-Ups
WWMost Subscribed Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game in History

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