Super Mario Bros. 2 by Number

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Can you name the numbers associated with Super Mario Bros. 2?

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The number of...Number
Bob-ombs in World 1-1
Two-tone entries in the endgame credits
Decorative Phantos found in King Wart's chamber
Pointy ends on a Ninji
Hawkmouth gates that will spring to life and attack the hero
Wart's clan of baddies, The ___ Bits Army
Cherries hanging out in World 7-2
'B' spins remaining in the Bonus Round
Maximal 1-ups our heroes can retain, displayed as 'P4'
Cherries hanging out in World 1-3
The number of...Number
Different destructible enemies in Subcon (not bosses)
Power-up Mushrooms scattered throughout Subcon
Different worlds that make up Subcon, The Land of Dreams
Valiant heroes setting out to defeat Wart
Levels to traverse to end this nightmare (no warps)
Heart containers a hero begins each level with
Enemies defeated that will result in a floating heart
Hawkmouth gates Birdo is guarding
Heads on Tryclyde
Vegetables that Wart can withstand before being knocked out

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