Super Mario Bros. by Number

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Can you name the numbers associated with Super Mario Bros. (game)?

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The number...Number
Of coins that will earn the hero a 1-Up
Of points awarded for harnessing the top of the flagpole
Of different enemies found in World 6-3
Of Goombas in World 1-1
Of points for defeating a Piranha Plant in Hard Mode
Of points any power-up will reward the hero
Of Warp Pipes found in World 4-2
Denoting Minus World, the famous level glitch
Of levels the hero must traverse to save the Princess (no Warps)
Of coins hidden in the subterranean chamber in World 1-1
The number...Number
In minutes, that a world-class speed run will take (approx.)
Of castles the hero will visit in his quest (no Warps)
Of cardinal directions a Goomba can propel itself
Of 1-Ups the hero can save up without triggering a Game Over
Of points collecting a coin earns the hero
Of doorways in the fortress-sized castle façade
Of fireworks for finishing any level with XX3 seconds remaining
Posted below the words, 'Welcome to Warp Zone!'
Of False Bowsers guarding talking Mushroom Retainers
Of points for destroying a regular old brick block

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