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Can you name the numbers associated with Super Mario 64?

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How to Play Forced Order
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The number of...Number
Stars being hoarded by that rascally rabbit MIPS
Haunted Pianos plaguing Mario
Digits flexing on Eyerok
Hidden Castle Stars for Mario to find
Stars hidden in each devious level
Bob-omb Buddies scattered around the Mushroom Kingdom
Brick pillars in Shifting Sand Land
1-Up Mushrooms hidden in the Wing Cap Button course
Tick Tock Clock's random setting, apparently
Stars needed to open the cannon outside Peach's castle
The number of...Number
Coins floating just a cannon's fire above Bob-omb Battlefield
Scary 'Shrooms at Tall, Tall Mountain
Stars needed to solve the mystery of the endless stairs
Seconds to beat on Princess's Secret Slide to earn a secret star
Switches that activate '!' Blocks in levels
Regular-sized Boos floating around Big Boo's Haunt
Coins that unsheathes a hidden star in each level
Stars Mario requires to enter the gates to Dire, Dire Docks
Red coins that will earn Mario a star on a given level
Coins a Blue Coin will earn Mario

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