Earthbound by Numbers

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Can you name the numbers associated with Earthbound?

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The Number...Number
Of times that a man in Twoson will ignore you before giving $50
Of prayers Paula must raise for help in defeating Giygas
In 'The Runaway ____'
Of times a Bag of Dragonite may be used in battle
Of Hint Men across Eagleland
Of kids named for fruits in Twoson, apparently
Of silent seconds that must pass to enter Master Belch's Factory
In dollars, that one must pay to stay at L'hotel du Summer
Of adroit adventurers fated to help Ness save the world
Pasted on the front of the Slot Machine Brothers
The Number...Number
In dollars, that a Healer will trade for an epilated mushroom
Of different holes in Dungeon Man
Of different devices Jeff can invent from broken sundries
Of years Buzz Buzz traveled back in time to help Ness
Of pictures taken instantaneously!
In '____side,' a metropolis
Of different guns Jeff can get his nerdy little paws on
In dollars, that one could sink into a Bag of Dragonite
Of PP points PSI Magnet Ω expends
Of melodies Ness must record into the Sound Stone

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