Chrono Trigger by Numbers

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Can you name the numbers associated with Chrono Trigger?

Updated Feb 8, 2013

How to Play
The Number Of...Number
Different eras Crono's team must explore (not End of Time)
Inhabitants of the End of Time
Entrants in the Millenial Fair race
Colored Gemstones that grant the ability to master Triple Techs
Gallant time-traveling adventurers destined to save the world
Different successful story endings
'My name is Gato [...] Beat me up and earn _____ Silver Points.'
Individual Techs any one time-traveller can learn
Magic Points Crono requires to cast Luminaire
Years Crono's time preceded the Day of Lavos
The Number Of...Number
'You'll have to defeat all _____ of the beasts in Magus's castle'
Lines ascribed to Crono
Time-travellers a gate can 'theoretically' sustain
Pillars of light upstairs at the End of Time
Years Frog has been... well... a frog
Generations of Yakra impersonating the Chancellor, apparently
Villages located on the Sun Keep island
Years in Crono's age at the time of the story's events
King Guardias preceding Princess Nadia's father, apparently
Lab Designation separating Arris Dome and Bangor Dome

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