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Can you name the numbers associated with Chrono Cross?

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The Number Of...Number
Element/Tech slots Serge can max out at
'...USE THIS ICE GUN!!! Not for children under _____ ...'
Devas of the Acacia Dragoons
Years ago that Serge... well... died
Different weapon types Serge's team can procure
Combo Techs it is possible to learn
Tech Stars required for Serge to cast Luminaire
'Show your face, Lynx! Yer _____ lives are up!!!'
Ghost Children on Opassa Beach
The Number Of...Number
Playable characters in this dimension-straddling universe
Dimensions the El Nido timeline has been split into
Tendrils on the Frozen Flame
Allocation Level of the Genie summoning element
Years A.D. in which Serge confronts Lynx
Dragon Gods Serge, et al. defeat en route to saving El Nido
Times feeding the dragons that can prove lethal, apparently
(Sentient) Residents of the Temporal Vortex, apparently
Years in Serge's age at the time of the story's events
Colored Relics Serge needs to cross into the Sea of Eden

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