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Hints !CharacterMore Hints!
That deceased little blonde girlif you guess Lucy, you're stupid.
men!so obvious omg
Fairy Tail member first appeared as a snake in the Oracion Seis arcdark purple hair
The noble man who was killed by Jellal/Ulteartower of heaven
Only one that has the exact same personality as their edolas counterpartobvious
All i say is 'MEAT!'Lullaby arc
A guild for onewho is that one?
Non-Fairy Tail member in B Teamgrand magic games tournament !
Only girl on my three person teamI'm smart too
The idiot missing a sockmy favorite character lol
NEKO NEKO !! DON'T HURT THE KITTY CAT !!the kitty cat was natsu, js
Trained with Gajeel after 7 year skipobvious
We destroyed the 'Grimoire Heart'name the blue one and then the white one with an 'and' in the middle
I used to be a little kid, then my boobs grew HUGE over the 7 yearsLOLOL pink hair
Natsu is destined to destory meobvious
Hints !CharacterMore Hints!
Fairy Hills head girl before time skipOVA1 (sorry if you don't watch anime)
Randomly took off his shirt while fighting Erigori still don't know why he did that
I've had so many relationships but i only loved Corneliaobvious
I got OWNED by Satan Soullawl
I hate pervertsit was said in my character card after the time skip
My Fairy Tail stamp is in the same place as Happy'sbtw im a spirit
I stole Natsu's style while he was goneby style, I mean style of clothes
and after all that I'm STILL not S-Classdaddddyyyy
I associate waste paper with NatsuMemory Days (OVA3)
PANDEMONIUM !! (of love)manga 256 pg 10
I'm having trouble with water & womenlullaby arc
Born in the 7 year skip to a cowboy and a cowgirlcutie
Engaged to RenLOVE !
My magic is like the 'Drunken Fist' from narutogoogle it
I love my **** bratsalso obvious

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