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Significance Case
Established the cumulative effects test.
Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act was unconstitutional. Handgun ownership does not affect interstate commerce.
Upheld constitutionality of the Minnesota Mortgage Moratorium Act of 1933.
Gave meaning to the contract clause. States cannot rescind contracts.
Power to set wages for state employees is a function essential to the states' independent existence.
Struck down Section 3 of the National Industrial Recovery Act.
Mining is not commerce. Upheld E.C. Knight Standard.
Overruled National League of Cities, Federal Labor Standards Act was constitutional
Significance Case
Congress can encourage but cannot compel
Congress can make conditional the receipt of federal moneys based on compliance with a federal statute.
Congress can regulate the use of private property when it has an affect on public interest.
Congress can suppress a monopoly. Commerce is not a unit.
Congress violated the Fifth Amendment when it established the Minimum Wage Board of D.C.
Non consenting states cannot be subjected to private suits in state courts.
Violence Against Women Act of 1994 was unconstitutional.
Congress can make laws necessary to give effect to treaties.

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