Science / Word Ladder: Genetic Syndromes

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Can you name the words in this genetic syndrome-themed ladder?

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§ Cat cry syndrome: cri-du-____ §
Paint application?
Naughty stocking stuffer?
Flesh wound
Cotton seed
Ring me!
§ Blood disorder: sickle ____ disease §
Ancient Brit
Waisted accessory
Mr. Lugosi
§ Blood disorder: ____ thalassemia §
Kiss ballad
Walter White's ware?
Wrestlers' landing pads?
Rodent pests
80's heavy metal band
§ X-linked dominant condition, ____ syndrome §
Landlord's monthly haul
Car injury
Lions' homes
Puts on
Stock market indices
§ Trisomy 21, aka ____ syndrome§
Animated creature
Absconded with
Clock sound
Lyme disease transmitter
§ Fatal metabolic disorder, Niemann-____ §

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