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**The only son in a house full of Cosby sisters**
Famous salsa and bolero singer, ____ Feliciano
To masticate
Big Brother host, Julie ____
'Raising Arizona' directors, the ____ brothers
Summer vegetable best on the cob
Pop one in celebration
**The show was set in New ____**
The olden days
A golfer's shout
A conflagration
HBO series set in Baltimore, The ____
Sage, knowledgeable
Desire, hope
**A funeral was held for Lamont, their pet ____**
A hand ready to throw a punch
To lean, as in a ship
**Denise was played by ____ Bonet**
Italian landmark, the Tower of ____
Do you like ____ coladas?
Fir, evergreen
Archaic term for cattle
Benjamin Franklin's favorite toy
Sets of articles needed for a specific purpose
**The Cosby Show's theme song, ____ Me**
Little ____ Muffett
Bulk, size
Not treble
Making out is getting to second ____
'Dark Knight' actor, Christian ____
Used in many sports
**The Cosby patriarch actor's first name**
Document of bequeathal
It holds up the ceiling
Thickness of ribs on corduroy fabric
Abnormal respiratory crackle
Rapper, Ja ____
Not polite
**Youngest of the Cosby sibs**
TV legal show host, Judge ____
'Hey ____', Beatles song
Green stone used in jewelry
Created, produced
To destroy a building
To mock
**Heathcliff Huxtable's favorite music genre**

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