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Can you name the words that start with 'B' and end with 'ate'?

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HintWord (in alphabetical order)
a bachelor's degree (13)
to put a false timestamp on a document, often illegally (8)
Joe Perry to Steven Tyler (8)
sedative (11)
to chew out (6)
baking soda is this type of chemical (11)
having toothed teeth, like a hippo (9)
to split in two (9)
HintWord (in alphabetical order)
the day of your delivery (9)
slow this down if you want to control the population (9)
area with businesses serving residents of Missouri and Illinois, for example (7)
to speak in a pompous and inflated manner; see Donald Trump (8)
a way to state, 'this novel belongs to me!' (9)
an item worn to cover the torso and protect from injury (11)
a sleepaway camper, to those in his cabin (8)

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