Finishing Moves of WWE Champions

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WWE ChampionFinisherAlternative
'Nature Boy' Buddy Rogers-
Bruno SammartinoPendulum Backbreaker
'The Russian Bear' Ivan KoloffBearhug
Pedro MoralesBoston Crab
Stan StasiakBearhug
'Superstar' Billy GrahamBelly to Back Suplex
Bob BacklundAtomic Spinecrusher
Antonio InokiManji-Gatame
The Iron SheikArabian Piledriver
Hulk HoganAxe Bomber
Andre the GiantStanding Splash
'Macho Man' Randy SavageDiving Crossbody
The Ultimate WarriorWarrior Press
Sgt. SlaughterCamel Clutch
The UndertakerChokeslam
'Nature Boy' Ric FlairLow Blow
Bret HartSpike Piledriver
YokozunaSamoan Drop
DieselKnockout Punch
Shawn MichaelsFigure Four Leg Lock
Psycho SidChokeslam
'Stone Cold' Steve AustinMillion Dollar Dream
WWE ChampionFinisherAlternative
KaneTombstone Piledriver
The RockRock Bottom
MankindDouble-Arm DDT
Triple HFigure Four Leg Lock
Mr. McMahonThe People's Elbow
The Big ShowChokeslam
Kurt AngleAnkle Lock
Chris JerichoLionsault
Brock LesnarBrock Lock
Eddie GuerreroThe Lasso from El Paso
John CenaSTFU
Rob Van DamVan Daminator
Randy OrtonPunt Kick
Jeff HardyTwist of Fate
SheamusBrogue Kick
The MizBack-breaker-Neckbreaker
CM PunkAnaconda Vice
Alberto Del RioEnziguiri

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