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Coulomb's LawUse q1 for one charge, q2 for another
Formula for specific heattype in Delta for ∆
Magnetic force on a moving chargeB = magnetic field
What stays constant for a circuit in series
This type of wave displaces medium perpendicular to the direction of the wave
What is the opposition to the flow of charge
Formula for Snell's law (Refraction)type in Theta for θ
A collision where some energy is dissipated into internal energy
Sound travels in this type of wave
Formula for Electric field
What is the combination of two nuclei for from a heavier nucleus?
Formula for Density
A physical quantity with both magnitude and direction
What do currents generate
In an isolated system, momentum is
Formula for translational motion using variables v, v0, a, x
What makes an object be in equilibrium
What is the splitting of an atom to from two different atoms
What type of frictional force (static or kinetic) causes a wheel to roll
State the conservation of Energy Theoremtype in Delta for ∆
What type of heat transfer is the direct transfer of energy via molecular collisions
Is momentum scalar or a vector
The force that opposes the motion of objects
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State Newton's 1st law
Formula for torque (Use T for torque)
SI unit for Work?
What is a constant zero for static equilibrium?
What is the flow of electric charge
What type of heat transfer is the transfer of heat by the physical motion of the heated material (only liquids and gases)
A collision where mechanical energy is conserved and no energy is dissipated to internal energy
Formula for momentum
Formula for Ohm's lawSolve for V
What radioactive decay particle is a Helium nucleous
Formula for translational motion using variables x, x0, v0, a and t
What type of heat transfer is the transfer of the energy of electromagnetic waves
The force that must be overcome to set an object in motion
Name of the Force that pushes back against gravity
State Newton's 2nd lawwrite the formula
What radioactive decay particle is an electron
What is a zero for dynamic equilibrium
Change in position independent from the path taken
A collision where objects stick together
State Newton's 3rd law
Formula for Work
Rate of change in an objects velocity
What is the time for half the given substance to decay
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A physical quantity with magnitude but no direction
Formula for Force on a spring
SI units for Resistance
2nd Law of ThermodynamicsJust write one word
What is the stable proton to neutron ratio for most small atoms
Potential Energy formula (gravity)
Formula for resistance for circuit in seriesSolve for Rtotal, 3 Rs
Formula for frequency
Weight (Fluids)Use p for density
Centripetal force equation
Formula for translational motion using variables v, v0, a, t
What is the change in momentum called
What is the formula for capacitors in parallelSolve for Ctotal, 3 Cs
1st Law of Thermodynamics (Write the formula)type in Delta for ∆
What type radioactive decay is the most penetrating
Kinetic Energy formula (Solve for KE)
Formula for power (use V in formula)
What stays constant for a circuit in parallel
Formula for voltage for a circuit in seriesSolve for Vtotal 3Vs
Is Q negative or positive when heat is gained
SI units for Current

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