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What is the last major checkpoint before mitosis?
Which two nitrogenous bases are purines
Genetic recombination in bacteria is called
What are the two types of secondary structures in proteins
How does the lagging strand replicates?
Where must the substrate bind to in order for the enzyme to do its job
What phase in mieosis does crossing over occur
Which type of bacteria will appear pink when gram-stained?
What is the best way to clone DNA
The enzyme Glucose 6-phosphatase Hexokinase requires Magnesium to work properly. What is magnesium classified as?
What is added to the 3' end of mRNA
What type of linkages exist between glucose polymers in glycogen
A molecule that is both hydrophobic and hydrophilic is called?
DNA replicates in what direction
An inactive precursor to an active protein is called
What type of gap junction attach two cells at a single point?
What type of viral cycle does the viral DNA incorporate itself into cell DNA and replicate with the cell?
Where in the cell does glycolysis occur
Active transport requires what molecule?
What type of proteins act as catalyst for biological reactions?
Name the 4 phases of mitosis in order
What type of gap junction form a watertight seal around the cell?
What is the process of protein synthesis directed by mRNA
The process of making male gamete is called
What type of linkages exist between glucose polymers in celluose
What type of molecule has a polar phosphate head and a non polar, lipid body?
Where are membrane proteins translated?
The microtuble arrangement inside an eukaryotic flagellum is known as
What type of bonds does water make with other water molecules
How many Hydrogen bonds does Adenine and Thymine make with each other
What is the central dogma of gene expression
Where does the Kreb's cycle take place
There is a sodium ion, glucose, testosterone, water and insulin on one side of the membrane. Which one of these are able to diffuse through the membrane?
Which amino acid has a hydrogen for the R group
Hemoglobin requires 4 globular protein subunits working together in order to function correctly. What type of protein structure does hemoglobin exhibit?
What are bacterial cell walls made out of?
What protein binds two strands of DNA together?
Which amino acid has the capability to make disulfide bonds
A neuron which never replicates is stuck in what part of interphase?
Which amino acid is the start of all protein chains
Macromolecules of most living cells are broken apart what process?
What is the technique where proteins can be identified by the distance they travel during gel electrophresis
What part of the mRNA is spliced out
What type of inhibitor binds in the active site
What is the process of forming mRNA from DNA
What is the net gain of ATP by glycolysis
What are microtubules made out of
What type of molecule has a 4 ringed, nonpolar structure which is used as a hormone and as an integral part of cell membranes
What type of inhibitor binds away from the active site and changes the conformation of the enzyme
What is the final electron acceptor for the electron transport chain
What type of mutation results in the amino acid coding sequence of a gene
How is ATP formed in glycolysis and in the Kreb's cycle
What are microfilaments made out of
What type of RNA strand (plus or minus) can be directly translated by ribosomes?
What is the 3 carbon result of glycolysis
Diffusion goes with/against the concentration gradient
Macromolecules of most living cells are formed by what process?
When in mieosis would non-disjunction occur (Give the name of the phases)
The lac operon is active when glucose concentration is high/low

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