Obscure Knowledge: The Twilight Saga

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Can you name the facts only true Twilight fans would know?

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Which phase of mitosis does Bella identify first?
Where does Edward say he is going when Bella invites him to the beach?
How does Edward arrange his CD's?
To which team did Phil get signed?
How much money does Jared owe Embry after losing a bet?
Where does Alice's niece live?
Before Bella went to Italy, she had never been further east than where?
What colour is Tanya's hair?
Was it the First, Second or Third wife that stabbed her own heart?
Edward's favourite colour on Bella is what?
What was Alice thinking at the Graduation ceremony so that Edward wouldn't know what she is thinking?
What car does Edward loan for Bella?
What animal noise does Jacob say that Paul's laugh sounds like?
How many seconds does Bella count before she feels a change in her transformation?
How many songs does Renesmee's MP3 player hold?

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