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What country animal says 'moo' and gives milk?
What do you use when it's raining so you don't get wet?
What part of the peach is the endocarp?
What are reading glasses used for?
Spell the word CAT
How many holes are there in an oboe?
What is the name of the 4th highest mountain in the world?
What do you open, to go into, or come out of a room?
Give the date of President Bush's birth
What do you take with a photographic camera?
How much is two plus two?
A famous ship sunk after hitting an iceberg in the Atlantic ocean. What was the middle name of the captain of that ship?
How many wheels does a bicycle have?
When was the fountain pen invented?
What is the main colour of Santa Clause's suit?
What was the real name of Richard the Lionhearted?
What do you see more of in the daytime: the moon or the sun?
What Australian frog sounds like a motorcycle accelerating?
Insects have sucking mouthparts called ...?

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