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***____ It Easy***
A vigil for the dead
The moon can both wax and...
An oenophile is this type of connoisseur
Oft-covered Hendrix tune, 'Little___'
Microsoft search engine
A water pipe
***The ____ Run***
Chinese actress Bai
Johnny Cash walked one of these
A beverage garnish
***Wasted ____***
Size-wise, it's the smallest coin
The Seattle Mariners used to play in one
A quantity of medicine, or a Gov't Mule album
To misplace something
A leading audio equipment company
The head honcho at the office
Los Angeles Lakers owner Jerry
***____*** Being Fabulous
Dolly Parton has a famously large one
A Presidential family
One-third of the Miami Heat's 'Big Three'
This kind of 'pit' might form at a concert
Traditional English dish, Bangers and...
This supports the sails on a boat
***Life in the ____ Lane***
Popular expression, 'The die has been...'
What a burglar might do to a 'joint,' or house
***The Sad ____***
A stalagmite might form in one of these
A small type of bay or coastal inlet
***Victim of ____***
Pitcher Derek or actor Rob
'Desperado' lyric: 'You're losing all your highs and...'
Female pig, plural
A lawn sprinkled with seed has been...
***New Kid in ____***
What a bride might wear
Crossword clues may be 'across' or...
A time of day, or Buffy Summers' sister
An urban term for a close friend
An exclamation of frustration, like 'damn' or 'darn'
A sharp spasm of hunger
Table tennis, or '____ -Pong'
***____ Of Hollywood***
What you might do at a karaoke bar
A trigonomteric function
Having a sound, healthy mind
A Japanese alcoholic beverage
***____It To The Limit***

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