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Team he beat to win his second NBA Title?
Amount of NBA Finals MVPs won?
First NBA 50 Point Game was against?4/20/1986
Amount of All-Star Game MVPs?
Team he beat to win his third NBA Title?
First NBA 30 Point Game was against?10/29/1984
Team he beat to win his fourth NBA Title?
Team he beat to win his first NBA Title?
What college did he play for?
Player selected immediately before him in the NBA Draft?
Team he beat to win his fifth NBA Title?
First NBA 40 Point Game was against?11/13/1984
Ranking on Slam Magazine's 500 Greatest Players of All-Time (2011)
NBA jersey # he wore for one day in 1990 when his jersey was stolen?
Year Jordan was inducted into the Hall of Fame?
First Playoff Series Victory was against?
Movie Jordan starred in with the Looney Toons?
NBA Jersey # he wore for most of his career?
First NBA 60 Point Game was against?4/20/1986
NBA jersey # he wore for a smaller portion of his career in 1995?
First Playoff Game Victory was against?
Amount of NBA MVPs won?
Player selected immediately after him in the NBA Draft?
Jordan's 1992 Dream Team jersey #?
The Double Nickel game was against?
Controversial Book released about Jordan in 1991?
Amount of All-Star Game Appearances?
His one 50 point game as a Wizard came against this team?12/29/2001
Team he beat to win his sixth NBA Title?
Ranking on Bill Simmons' Basketball Pyramid

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