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They took off his clothes, they pissed in his hands. I told them to stop, but then I joined in.Appeal To Reason
So tell me what I'm supposed to do with all these leftover feelings of you.The Sufferer and the Witness
Have you ever been a part of something that you thought would never end? and then of course it didThe Unraveling
They're high on the watchtower, keeping the peace, whatever that means.Appeal To Reason
Just put off another day of knowing where you're from. You can catch up with yourself, if you run.Siren Song of the Counter Culture
Our shoulders bear an awful weight, but still we trudge on just the same.Appeal To Reason
If strength was borne from heartbreak, then mountains I could move.The Sufferer and the Witness
I offer up myself to this, I'm living for my dying wish.Siren Song of the Counter Culture
You're the new revolution, the angst filled adolescent, you fit the stereotype well.The Unraveling
Not a dime to my name or a prayer in the world, I walk out the doorSiren Song of the Counter Culture
Not a day goes by that I dont feel this burn. There's a point we pass from which we cant return.The Sufferer and the Witness
Song LyricCorresponding SongAlbum
Let the blind lead the blind, because it's eye for an eye in your so-called life.Revolutions Per Minute
We run on the fumes of injustice; we'll never die with the fuel that you give us!The Sufferer and the Witness (bonus track)
If love is a labor I'll slave till the end, i won't cross these streets until you hold my hand.Siren Song of the Counter Culture
When I die, will they rememberIt's not the end that I fear with each breath, it's life that scares me to death.Siren Song of the Counter Culture
You want to take the passion in my veins and put it down in black and white.The Unraveling
We've been sweating while you slept so calm in the safety of your home; we've been pulling out the nails that hold up everything you've known .The Sufferer and the Witness
'Guilty' is what our graves will read, no year, no family.Siren Song of the Counter Culture
Simply because you can breathe doesn't mean you're alive, or that you really live.Revolutions Per Minute
We are alone under this sun, and we work to fix the work that you've undone.Appeal To Reason
I brought down the sky for you but all you did was shrug. You give my emptiness a name.Appeal To Reason
These machines feed on the tears We're throwing wrenches in the gears, our lives will not be lived in vain!Siren Song of the Counter Culture

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