A2 Law Unit3A (AQA)

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Can you name the phrases that complete these points of criminal law?

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Unlawful killing of a ___ ___ in being 
___ ___, express or implied 
Intention need only be to cause ___ 
Diminished responsibility
Found where in the Homicide Act 1957? 
Abnormality of ___ 
Caused by ___ ___ ___ development... 
or any ___ cause... 
induced by ___ or ___ 
Impairment must be 'more than ___' 
s3 of The ___ ___ ___ 
The ___ test 
Loss of control must be 'sudden and ___' 
The ___ test 
The reasonable man has the same ___ as the defendant 
Gross negligence manslaughter
What case outlines these rules? 
___ of care must be owed 
Negligence must 'go beyond a matter of ___ ___' 
Mens reas to create ___ situation 
Unlawful act manslaughter
The act must be a ___ offence 
The act must be ___ ... 
'so that all ___ and ___ people... 
recognise the risk of ___ harm' 
Must be a 'more than ___' cause of death 
D must have the ___ ___ of the unlawful act 
'An act causing the victim to ___ ___ ___ ___' 
The mens rea can be intention or ___ 
'___ __ ___ physical force' 
Offences Against the Persons Act ___ 
Assault occasioning ___ ___ ___ 
Must be more than 'transient and ___' 
Mens rea of ___ assault 
Unlawful ___ or... 
___ bodily harm 
Wounding must be a 'break in the ___ of the skin' 
Greivous means no more than ___ 
D need only foresee that ___ ___ might occur 
The defence of Insanity
___ of reason... 
caused by a ___ __ __ ___... 
so that D did not know the ___ and ___ of the act... 
or that the act was ___ 
The defence of Intoxication
Involuntary intoxication may make D lack ___ ___ 
If the intoxication is ___... 
the defence can only be raised to ___ ___ ___ 
The defence of Consent
Not available to crimes more serious than ___ ___ 
Except in ___ activities... 
normal social ___... 
___ procedures... 
or ___ 
Belief in consent may be ___ 
The defence of Self-defence
The force must be ___ 
according to D's ___ ___ of the circumstances 
The force must also be ___ 

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