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Law & Morality
Law is 'The body of ___ ___ _ ___ by the state in the administration of justice.' (Salmond) 
Morals are the 'set of ___, ___, ___ and standards of behaviour.' (Harris) 
'The only purpose for which power can be excercised over any member of a civilised community against his will is to prevent __ _ ___.' (Mill) 
'It is not in our view the function of the law to ___ _ _ ___ life of citizens.' (Wolfenden Committee) 
'To punish people for ___ ___ _ ___ would be tantamount to punishing them simply because others do not like what they do.' (Hart) 
Law & Justice
Fairness is 'free from___, ___' (Oxford English Dictionary) 
'Justice must be ___ _ _ __.' (Lord Hewart) 
'Nemo ___ _ ___ sua.' 
'True test of how just a system is to how it reacts to ___ ___.' 
Balancing Conflicting Interests
Balance is to 'establish ___ _ ___ proportions of elements.' (Dictionary 
Interests are things which act to 'the advantage or ___ of someone.' (Dictionary) 
The Human Rights Act does not 'protect every act motivated by ___ _ ___.' (Kalac v Turkey) 
In A and Others there was not a sufficient 'threat to the ___ _ _ ___.' 

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