Pokemon Gym Leader by Gym Badge

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Can you name the Pokemon Gym Leader by Gym Badge (including Orang Islands)?

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Gym BadgeGym Leader
Plant Badge
Relic Badge
Dynamo Badge
Rain Badge
Iceberg Badge
Heat Badge
Balance Badge
Cascade Badge
Mineral Badge
Knuckle Badge
Thunder Badge
Volcano Badge
Soul Badge
Coal Badge
Stone Badge
Spike Shell Badge
Fairy Badge
Mine Badge
Glacier Badge
Jade Star Badge
Zephyr Badge
Cliff Badge
Fen Badge
Feather Badge
Legend Badge
Icicle Badge
Gym BadgeGym Leader
Bolt Badge
Hive Badge
Psychic Badge
Coral-Eye Badge
Earth Badge
Forest Badge
Bug Badge
Insect Badge
Storm Badge
Jet Badge
Voltage Badge
Boulder Badge
Quake Badge
Marsh Badge
Rising Badge
Basic Badge
Trio Badge
Freeze Badge
Rumble Badge
Sea Ruby Badge
Beacon Badge
Plain Badge
Mind Badge
Fog Badge
Rainbow Badge
Cobble Badge

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