Films shot in Australia

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Year ReleasedMovieStarring
2003French Stewart
2008Abigail Breslin
2003Carrie-Anne Moss
2009Hugh Jackman
1999Keanu Reeves
2008Rhys Wakefield
1985Mel Gibson
2002Natalie Portman
2001Mark Wahlberg
2009Catherine O'Hara
1996Marlon Brando
2008Nicole Kidman
2003Lawrence Fishburne
Year ReleasedMovieStarring
1975 (AUS + UK), 1979 (USA)Rachel Roberts
2006Emma Roberts
1994Guy Pearce
2008Matthew McConaughey
2005Hayden Christensen
2000Tom Cruise
2010Caitlin Stasey
2010Jackie Weaver
2007Nicholas Cage
1975Roy Sheider
2007Daniel Radcliffe
1995James Cromwell

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