Dragon Ball/Z/GT/Movie Techniques

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Can you name the the Dragon Ball/Z/GT/Movie characters who successfully performed these techniques?

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TechniqueUsed By (Primarily)
Galactic Donut
Invisible Eye Blast
Dragon Fist
Four Witches Technique
Big Tree Cannon
Light Grenade
Evil Containment Wave
Dangerous Liquid Bomb
Destructo Disk
Wolf Fang Fist
Hell's Flash
Wahaha no Ha
Sleepy Boy Technique
Death Ball
Crusher Ball
Flaming Death Ball
Eraser Gun
Bunkai Teleport
Magic Touch
Antenna Beam
Psychic Spark
Chocolate Beam
Eraser Cannon
Drunken Punch
Burning Attack
Head Breaker
Explosive Demon Ray
Eye Flash
TechniqueUsed By (Primarily)
Guilty Flash
Brave Gatling
Stone Spit
Darkness Twin Star
Dodon Ray
Monster Crush
Galactic Buster
Dynamite Kick
Dragon Thunder
Spirit Ball
Dead Punisher
Chasing Bullet
Final Flash
Time Freeze
Final Spirit Cannon
Omega Blaster
Big Bang Attack
Stardust Breaker
Double Buster
Planet Burst
Buster Cannon
Body Change
Death Impact
Death Chaser
Pulse Drive
Death Beam
Purple Spiral Flash

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