Harry Potter Characters by First Words - 4

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Can you name the Harry Potter Characters by their First Words in Goblet of Fire?

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First WordsCharacterChapter
Like poor Eloise Midgen13. Mad-Eye Moody
What's that you're calling me?1. The Riddle House
Well, well, well17. The Four Champions
A thousand years or more ago12. The Triwizard Tournament
It most certainly isn't!17. The Four Champions
Did Sir just call me Dobby?8. The Quidditch World Cup
Absolutely right, like that. Yeah.23. The Yule Ball
Yes, Master. We will, Master.33. The Death Eaters
You bust slug! You bust slug!7. Bagman and Crouch
She did put enough stamps on then.3. The Invitation
MORSMORDRE!9. The Dark Mark
Tell me what?5. Weasley's Wizarding Wheezes
Ah, why shouldn't we show our colours.7. Bagman and Crouch
Good Day. You are preoccupied...13. Mad-Eye Moody
When the connection is broken...34. Priori Incantatem
First think of the person who...31. The Third Task
Supercool13. Mad-Eye Moody
There is a little more in the bottle my lord.1. The Riddle House
Hello there Arthur7. Bagman and Crouch
Horrible temper1. The Riddle House
Oh no Ron, no this is exactly where we...4. Back to the Burrow
Your Father's coming...34. Priori Incantatem
He put a hex on me, Professor Dumbledore30. The Pensieve
Harry Potter, you know8. The Quidditch World Cup
Because he's stupid5. Weasley's Wizarding Wheezes
He suffered very little, then.37. The Beginning
Why don't you show Harry where he's sleeping?5. Weasley's Wizarding Wheezes
Excuse me, are you wanting ze...16. The Goblet of Fire
Maybe not that small Ludo18. The Weighing of the Wands
Is this it?3. The Invitation
No consideration at all.3. The Invitation
Ouch! It got me!13. Mad-Eye Moody
Yes, all right, then.22. The Unexpected Task
Ouch Fred, no - go back.4. Back to the Burrow
Harry Potter sir! Harry Potter!21. The House Elf Liberation Front
Hurry up, now, the bell rang...24. Rita Skeeter's Scoop
Well, I've done it! Just put my name in!16. The Goblet of Fire
Vell, ve fought bravely8. The Quidditch World Cup
Morning7. Bagman and Crouch
I'm about to become the youngest ever...9. The Dark Mark
Bubotubers13. Mad-Eye Moody
First WordsCharacterChapter
I fell in the lake12. The Triwizard Tournament
I vood like some vine16. The Goblet of Fire
Filth. Crouch is going to let him out.30. The Pensieve
The Dark Lord will rise again, Crouch!30. The Pensieve
Not doing nothing!12. The Triwizard Tournament
Ahoy there!7. Bagman and Crouch
Hi6. The Portkey
Well, with feet that size, hard not to.9. The Dark Mark
Come and get it! Come on, jump!26. The Second Task
Sorry, Perce5. Weasley's Wizarding Wheezes
Stunningly pretty? Her?19. The Hungarian Horntail
Ah, Fudge. How are you?8. The Quidditch World Cup
Only a week away!15. Beauxbatons and Durmstrang
Hi23. The Yule Ball
Over here, Arthur!6. The Portkey
PEEVES!25. The Egg and the Eye
Harry! Ron! Hermione!7. Bagman and Crouch
Never mind me, how are you?19. The Hungarian Horntail
Mademoiselle Delacour, could we...18. The Weighing of the Wands
What are we doing here?4. Back to the Burrow
Always thought he was a bit odd.1. The Riddle House
I bought this in a Muggle shop.7. Bagman and Crouch
Oh, hello, Harry5. Weasley's Wizarding Wheezes
I'd try putting it in the water if I were you.25. The Egg and the Eye
PEEVES!12. The Triwizard Tournament
Master! Master, forgive me!33. The Death Eaters
Dumbledore!15. Beauxbatons and Durmstrang
No, thank you Ludo7. Bagman and Crouch
Good Evening12. The Triwizard Tournament
Hey - Harry!19. The Hungarian Horntail
War turned him funny if you ask me.1. The Riddle House
Dumbly-dorr15. Beauxbatons and Durmstrang
Yeah, were having the time of our lives...4. Back to the Burrow
Dragons!20. The First Task
Vell, ve have a castle also23. The Yule Ball
How're you doing Harry?5. Weasley's Wizarding Wheezes
Eurgh!13. Mad-Eye Moody
Later1. The Riddle House
All righ', Harry?11. Aboard the Hogwarts Express
Gran didn't want to go11. Aboard the Hogwarts Express

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