Harry Potter Characters by First Words - 2

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Can you name the Harry Potter Characters from their first words in Chamber of Secrets?

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First WordsCharacterChapter
Filth!8.The Deathday Party
Hello, hello. You look troubled,8.The Deathday Party
Sit5. The Whomping Willow
Third time this week!1. The Worst Birthday
There's more in the frying pan.1. The Worst Birthday
You've been wondering if I put you...12. Polyjuice Potion
Brilliant!5. The Whomping Willow
Touch nothing,4. At Flourish and Blotts
Why it's potty wee Potter...11. The Duelling Club
Come...7. Mudbloods and Murmurs
But, Professor, you'd probably have to...9. The Writing on the Wall
All right, Harry? I'm - I'm...4. Gilderoy Lockhart
All right, Harry?3. The Burrow
Leave him alone,4. At Flourish and Blotts
So anyway, I told Justin...11. The Duelling Club
Quidditch practice.7. Mudbloods and Murmurs
Bad business, Hagrid14. Cornelius Fudge
She's bored.1. The Worst Birthday
Nick, How are you?8.The Deathday Party
I want more bacon.1. The Worst Birthday
Yes, didn't you tell me you were sure...16. The Chamber of Secrets
Please explain why you did this5. The Whomping Willow
Amazing!5. The Whomping Willow
You definitely think it is Potter...11. The Duelling Club
Or maybe...5. The Whomping Willow
Greenhouse Three today chaps.4. Gilderoy Lockhart
What a night,3. The Burrow
First WordsCharacterChapter
Gerroff me!3. The Burrow
Have you any idea...3. The Burrow
Miss - err -?9. The Writing on the Wall
Plenty of room for all of us7. Mudbloods and Murmurs
Password?5. The Whomping Willow
Oy, you, 'Arry Potter13. The Very Secret Diary
What is it?15. Aragog
How dare you!7. Mudbloods and Murmurs
Morning, all, Lovely Day.4. At Flourish and Blotts
On my whistle,10. The Rogue Bludger
Harry Potter!2. Dobby's Warning
It can't be, Harry Potter?4. At Flourish and Blotts
What?8.The Deathday Party
Justin Finch-Fletchley4. Gilderoy Lockhart
You wanted to see me,13. The Very Secret Diary
Tie that round the bars3. The Burrow
Mr Malfoy, what a pleasure to see you again,4. At Flourish and Blotts
You should have brought him straight to me!10. The Rogue Bludger
No problem.3. The Burrow
Cool5. The Whomping Willow
I thought you were going to buy me a present.4. At Flourish and Blotts
Enter13. The Very Secret Diary
Unbelievable!5. The Whomping Willow
HARRY!4. At Flourish and Blotts
Moste Potente Potions?10. The Rogue Bludger
Harry! Harry!4. At Flourish and Blotts

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