Harry Potter Characters by First Words

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Can you name the Harry Potter Characters in Philosophers' Stone by their First Words?

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First WordsCharacterReference
Well Ted, I don't know about that.
Has anyone seen a toad?
Borrowed it, Professor Dumbledore Sir.
Brazil here I come... Thanksss, amigo
Dudley! Mr Dursley! Come and look at this snake!
The usual, Hagrid?
No, Why?
Delighted Mr. Potter, just can't tell you.
Good Evening, Hagrid
How did you know it was me?
I should have known.
Ah, yes. Harry Potter
One speed only.
Shut up, Malfoy
Nine and three-quarters!
Oh, you may not think I'm pretty.
Not Arguing, I hope,boys?
Doris Crockford, Mr Potter
Can't stay long Mother
I'm half and half
Gran, I've lost my toad again.
Are you serious, Professor?
First WordsCharacterReference
Well, what are you all waiting for?
Send him off ref!
Forgive and forget I say...
I'm not Fred, I'm George
Good Evening to you,
And women
Hogwarts, dear?
Are you all right?
Good Afternoon. Ah, yes, yes, yes...
He didn't catch it!
Mum, geroff
Little Tyke
And the Quaffle is taken immediately...
Sniff around, my sweet...
- packed with Muggles, of course -
Absolutely not
Ooh, sticking up for Longbottom?
Want a hand?
Use the boy...
My dear Friar, haven't we given Peeves...
What are you looking for, boy?
Oh, Neville

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