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Can you name the Disney Princess Profile for Cinderella?

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Animal (Friends)
Animal (Friends)
Animal (Friends)
Animal (Friends)
Dress Color
Hair Color
Eye Color
Singing Voice
What job does Cinderella have at home?
Who arrives after stepsisters tear up Cinderella's dress for the ball?
What does Fairy-God Mother use to help cinderella to the ball?
When does Fairy-God Mother's magic wear off?
What does Cinderella leave as she runs at the stroke of midnight?
Who arrives at the house with the glass slipper?
How does Cinderella escape her room after her stepmother traps her there?
After Cinderella escapes, how does the stepmother prevent Cinderella from trying the slipper on?
How does Cinderella prove she was the maiden at the ball?
Closing Line
Sequel(Full Title)
Sequel(Full Title)

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