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The line isWhat's said nextEpisode
Give him another series, you swine!Series 1 Episode 1
No I don't want to, Alan, please.Series 1 Episode 1
Michael he drinks Dr.PepperSeries 2 Episode 4
8 minutes alanSeries 2 Episode 1
Are you a raver?Series2 Episode 1
Quick, Lynn, RunSeries 2 Episode 3
Michael you threw a Series 1 Episode 5
Lynn you couldn't present a.....Series 2 Episode 2
Do you mind if I talk? It helps me keep the Series 1 Episode 2
Well done LynnSeries 2 Episode 3
Woah! That's English forSeries 2 Episode 5
Im 47, My girlfriend's 33, she's 14 years younger than meSeries 2 Episode 1

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